Friday, May 21, 2010

Easter and Anniversary flowers

These flowers were from Dan for our Anniversary. I thought they were very pretty. We celebrated 11 years of marriage on March 19th. Thanks Dan for being so awesome! I love him tons!

Ok I am a slacker! Things have been way to crazy!
Easter was fun this year it fell on conference weekend which was very nice. I tried to get his red eye off but it was being stubburn. He really doesn't look that evil. Treyden loves Cars. Holden loves to read so he likes all types of books. We usually have a big family party but it was just us and it was kind of nice. Nothing against my family because I love them but I think Easter meant more to my kids this year being in a smaller setting. I think they realized what the true meaning of Easter is.

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Chalan said...

Happy Anniverary! Also sounds like a nice Easter- sometimes it is nice to do your own thing:)